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Bed Room

Bed Rooms are probably the most precious units in every home whether it is meant for Master, Children or Guests and occupies a very important place in a home where the occupant gets completely relaxed in its cosy and peaceful environment. As sleeping is an extremely important factor in healthy living, the positioning, designing and placement of the bedroom is given adequate importance in Vastu. Various principles need to be followed with utmost care in order to attain peace, prosperity and harmony in a person’s life.

Vastu Shastra has prescribed certain standards for shape, location of bedrooms in a house, placement of furniture, beds, and colours of walls. It has gone even deeper and has also set principles for Doors, windows, lockers, dressing table, position of head while sleeping etc. However, if the same cannot be followed other remedial measures such as Pyra Vastu, crystals and others are suggested to create and / or enhance peace and harmony in a home.

For this purpose we need:

a) layout and location of the Bed Room.
b) Brief description about existing status of Health
c) Brief description about existing Relationships.
d) Personal choice of colours.

On the basis of information received, a report is made out covering the following indicators:

• Defects and their effects,
• Suggested Remedies.
• Location of Bed,
• Position of head while sleeping,
• Location of Mirror,
• Sitting arrangement.
• Colour scheme,
• Position of Cabinet,
• Placement of Electronic Gadgets such as TV, Computer etc.
• Analysis and Positioning of Paintings, Work of Arts etc.
• Useful tips to create and enhance positive environment.

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