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Vastu for Business Card

Business Card is the introduction of your own personality and the nature of business. The sentiments associated with your business card must be so strong that the product or service sells itself. It should emit positive energy vibrations. Your business cards should announce your business, product or services for you. It also allows your prospective clients/customers to have a glance of how you deliver your products and services.

The importance of Business Card in a business cannot be underestimated. As a matter of fact if the Vastu of your business card is inauspicious, it can wreak havoc. The design of the business card should be balanced and colour combination harmonious and auspicious.

Benefits of good Vastu for Business Card:

• Business Growth
• Better business opportunities
• More sales and income
• Better Cash Flow
• Improved Products and Services
• Increased Number of clients & customers
• Good relationship with employees
• Good Business reputation

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