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Farm House

A farm house is usually situated on the outskirts of a city and is often constructed by optimum utilization of available land. It is of utmost importance to give adequate time in planning and designing the Farm House as it contains many interlinked yet independent blocks such as residential areas, servant quarters, swimming pool, garden, garage, security building etc. Vastu Shastra has very candidly prescribed certain principles which need to be strictly followed to make the Farm House a perfect place for peace, joy, happiness and bliss.

However, if the Principles of Vastu Shastra are not followed, problems, difficult situations start arising which at times lead to enormous financial and/or health loss.

We help in selection of proper and correct places for Farm Houses. However, if the farmland for Farm House has already been purchased and got other statutory approvals we help in construction of the building blocks as per Vastu Principles.

For above we need the following:

1. Plot/Land Diagram.
2. Main Entrance and positioning of built up area
3. Details of surroundings
4. Roads around the land
5. Position of Water Body
6. Position of Electrical Panels
7. Functional Utilities

On the basis of the information received a report is generated by us covering the following indicators:

• Defects
• Their Possible Effects
• Main Entrance
• Placement of Residential Area
• Location of Swimming Pool,
• Location of Servant Quarters,
• Location of Garage
• Location of Garden,
• Location of Kitchen,
• Location of Generator
• Location of Electrical Equipments

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