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Vastu For Hospitals

According to Vastu Principles a hospital needs a lot of positive energy and careful planning. People nurture high hopes of getting back to their normal health by defeating fatal ailments, when they undergo treatment in a hospital. Vastu can be of great help, especially when applied to hospitals. It paves the way for quick recovery of patients, conducting of successful operations and earning a good reputation for the hospital.

Vastu advice for hospitals is based on the study of different factors, like the proper location of hospital, hospital exteriors, location of operation theatres, emergency ward, placement of beds for the patients, and so on.

After consultation, a report is generated which covers the following indicators:

• Defects and their Effects
• Main Entrance
• Consulting Room
• Medical Equipments Room
• Store Room
• Medical Ward / ICU
• Operation Theatre
• Electrical Equipments
• Administrative Block
• Location of Canteen
• Location of Temple

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