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Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Needless to say that it occupies the focal attention of all and has been an important area of study since centuries. It is a very strong belief that kitchen is not only a place for preparing food for the inmates of home but also helps in bestowing health and happiness for the inhabitants.

Vastu for Kitchen helps to balance energy and maintain peace and happiness in the life of a family. Wrongly placed kitchen can lead to severe health problems for the residents.

If your kitchen is constructed without following the Vastu principles, we recommend remedies in getting relief from the problems.

For Providing suggestions and remedies following are required:

a) Layout and location of the Kitchen.
b) Brief description about existing status of Health.
c) Brief description about physical and mental well being.
d) Brief description about existing status of relationship.

On the basis of information received a report is made covering the following indicators.

• Doors and Windows
• Placement of Cooking Gas.
• Sink
• Storage
• Flooring
• Refrigerator / Electrical Equipments
• Colour Scheme
• Useful tips to create and enhance positive environment.

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