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Living Room

The living room is where the family gathers. They spend most of the time bonding with each other in front of the television or plainly conversing with each other. It is also where the family accepts guests and spends time catching up with friends, relatives, and even neighbours.

Therefore, Living room is a room in a residential unit for relaxing and socializing. Such a room is sometimes called a front room because it is near the main entrance at the front of the house.

The term sitting room is sometimes used synonymously with living room.

According to Vastu there should be sufficient space to move freely as well as enough space behind the furniture’s for the air to move. This ensures the movement of positive energy in the living room. However, if the same cannot be followed other remedial measures such as Pyra Vastu, crystals and others are suggested to create and / or enhance peace and harmony in a home.

For Vastu analysis of the Living Room we need the following:

a) layout and location of the Living Room.
b) Brief description about existing status of Relationships.
c) Your Colour Choice/Personal taste.

On the basis of information received, a report is made out covering the following indicators:

• Defects and their effects,
• Suggested Remedies.
• Colour of Walls
• Upholstery
• Placement of Furniture,
• Position of Fountain/Aquarium
• Placement of Electronic Gadgets such as TV, Music System etc.
• Analysis and Positioning of Paintings, Work of Arts etc.
• Useful tips to create and enhance positive environment.

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