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For any building, the site (Kshetra) is the basic requirement and utmost care must be taken in its selection. Vastu Shastra, therefore, has given the utmost importance to selection of a right plot and has set down several major principles. There are some chief factors that one should be given due consideration while looking for a plot.

As the violation of basic principles can make or destroy the happiness of one's life it is always advisable to follow Vastu principles to make sure that the place becomes a beneficial, lively, cheerful and flourishing residence we all deserve. Building a dream home needs good architectural design and construction techniques.

The location of the Plot affects the energy of the residents throughout life. We advise accurate selection of the plot for your residence. On the basis of visit, a report is made out covering the following indicators.

• Location of the Plot
• Direction of the Plot
• Shape of Plot
• Colour of the Soil
• Topography and Surroundings
• Adjoining Roads
• Mention about Defects
• Possible effects of the defects

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