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Vastu for Shops and Showrooms

Vastu Shastra principles are applied not only to house but even to Shop/Showroom construction and placement of goods in it. Today many people seek Vastu guidance to make their Shop/Showroom according to Vastu norms to bring success and overall peace and economic growth.

Business has become so challenging and competitive today that it has started causing stress on the owners. Vastu promises them not only peace but also happiness along with physical, mental and emotional health.

By following Vastu Guidelines you can rid your business of confusion, authoritative issues and quarrels among the staff and increase the longevity of the business

After Consultation a report is generated covering the following indicators:

• Defects and their Effects
• Main Entrance
• Colour of the Walls
• Placement of Cash Box/Treasury
• Sitting Arrangement of the Owner
• Sitting Arrangement for the Staff
• Placement/display of goods
• Electrical Equipments

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