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Stair Case

Vastu Shashtra has laid down certain principles and given recommendations on how to construct the staircase of a home. These basic principles are to be followed while building the stairs in the house. The ideal directions given as laid down by Vastu should be followed to lead a prosperous and safe life. Being a heavy structure, a staircase should never be built in negative zones, as it can lead to a lot of losses. To avoid such troublesome situations, it is rightly advisable to follow the correct Vastu before undertaking construction of the staircase.

If your Staircase is constructed without following the Vastu principles, we recommend remedies in getting relief from the problems.

For Providing suggestions and remedies following are required:

a) Layout and location of the staircase.
b) Brief description about existing status of Health,
c) Brief description about existing status of Finance.
d) Other Adverse Effects, if any.

On the basis of information received a report is made covering the following indicators.

• Location of the Staircase
• Rotation
• Number of Risers
• Proper use of space under staircase
• Useful tips to create and enhance positive environment.

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