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Study Room

Study room is extremely important to strengthen the child’s attention, concentration and determination to sit for long without feeling tired. Some children cannot continue for long due to weak concentration. Vastu, precisely, helps solve such problems and assists in gaining desired results. A lack of focus is the usual complaint from children and the designing the study room according to Vastu Principles is the key to this problem.

If your Study Room is constructed without following the Vastu principles, we recommend remedies in getting relief from the problems.

For Providing suggestions and remedies following are required:

a) Layout and location of the Study Room.
b) Brief description about existing status of Studies of your Children.
c) Concentration & Attention span of your Child
d) Retention Power of your Child.

On the basis of information received a report is made covering the following indicators.

• Location of Study Room
• Door and Windows
• Positioning of Study Table
• Direction of Sitting
• Placement of Book Shelves
• Colour Scheme
• Analysis and Positioning of Paintings, Work of Arts etc.
• Useful tips to create and enhance positive environment.

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