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Bath Room

During ancient times people used the open spaces for daily ablutions. Therefore, Toilets were restricted to open spaces far from the house, while Bathrooms meant for only bathing were located elsewhere generally near the water source. In modern times, toilets and bathrooms are combined, built into one part, and have found their places in residential and business units.

Vastu Shastra has prescribed certain principles for bathroom and toilets which need to be followed to lead a cheerful and successful life. If the same are not followed, one faces miseries, misfortune and numerous health issues. We offer suggestions and remedies without demolition to balance the energies and help you lead a comfortable and peaceful life.

For above, we need the following:

a) Layout and location of the toilet.
b) A brief note on the Health
c) A brief note on the finance Issues.

On the basis of the information received a report is made out which would cover the following indicators.

• Defect and their Effects
• Suggestions / Remedies without demolition
• Location of WC
• position of Wash Basin
• Placement of Shower
• Placement of taps
• Position of Looking Glass
• Colour Scheme
• Useful tips to create and enhance positive environment.

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